Content is King - Don't dethrone him!


Content.  To be satisfied and to contain.  Is your current content marketing strategy doing either of these things?  Many web designers, both freelance and agency, require you to produce your content or to pay a little more for it.  Before you opt into the "I want to save money" world of things, consider the long term benefit of having your content produced by an individual who does this for a living.  

Jayson Demers of Forbes thinks that by the end of 2014, you should have hired a Director of Content. (The article can be referenced here). Obviously, you may not need to hire someone for that sole position if you are in a field that requires a set amount of content.  You may even write it yourself... but to quote another silly-gone-viral-youtube video, "Ain't nobody got time for that."  

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Online Presence for Small Businesses - Just do it!

If you're a small business owner, I'm sure you've heard this: to increase sales, you must have an online presence.  Technology is the future - this is where we live, eat, share baby photos, tell stories, whine and cry.  You're lucky if you can even go out to dinner with anyone and have no one touch their phone through the meal.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram... your own web site ... how do you maintain all these things and still manage to keep the business open?

As business owners, we are typically told that we must add more things to our plates to increase sales.  We work harder, do more, and ultimately end up having to sacrifice certain items to maintain our current business.  Then we hit a rut.  There's one of you and so many other options to explore.

Yes, establishing your online presence is time consuming but there are now ways to simplify this process...


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Search Engine Optimization

Times are changing.  Need a company’s phone number or address?  Need access to information?  Your customers are no longer searching for you in the yellow pages.  The first place they look for you will be on Google and Bing.  Type in a few words and your website may welcome them in for more information or disinterest them right into the sales arms of your competitors.

      Website design and development should be simple for you, as the business owner, and incorporate the principles that make your business stand out among the competition.  For a website to stand out, several things have to be included: search engine optimization (SEO), mobile responsiveness (for those on the go users), social media marketing and an attractive user-friendly interface.

web presence illustration


       It doesn’t stop there.  Your website can be built to make your life simpler.  Need an online bill pay system to attract customers?  We can build that.  Need customer statistics?  How about an integrative Calendar?  A Document Manager?  We have you covered there too. According to Internet Retailer.com, 65% of U.S. shoppers will shop online and then buy.  Need an online market place?  Call us.  We can create the solutions that you need to make your business stand out, be efficient, and bring in customers. 

      Are your customers online?  Yes.  Why aren’t you?



Custom Programming

Need an online bill pay system on your website?  Integrative calendar?  How about a scheduling system that requests and makes appointments?  Need a portal that manages your documents?  A calculator?  An interactive game or program for users?  If you can dream it, we can build it! 

We believe that there are parts of business that ought to be intuitive; useful and streamlined.  Your website ought to be the thing that brings you in business without requiring a second thought.  The coding may be complicated but your website shouldn’t be.

We work hard to turn your ideas into reality. Is your business creating the next big thing? We focus on implementing codes that compliment the design format, business concept, and optimizes for user responsiveness and access.  A great idea is just that; a great idea.  It takes skillful execution to turn a great idea into a great product.

 We specialize in creating.  While we build for efficiency, we can also build the new and innovative vision you have for your Business.  Have an idea that will take your business to that next level? We build websites that the other companies can’t build.  We integrate coding languages to create you the system online that makes your work more efficient and increases usability for both your customers and your back end users.



Startup Accelerator

We believe that great ideas can turn into great businesses.   We specialize in facilitating entrepreneurs with great ideas into the next level by helping them move their ideas into reality.

We take raw ideas from concept to implementation.  Do you need a prototype website or application to move forward with funding?  Are you ready to press forward into First Launch?  We have developed specialized startup plans to help you get to the next phase of your business and to do it efficiently and within your budget.

Services include

  • Prototypes and First Launch projects
  • Free initial consultations and proposals
  • Discounted Design and Application Development
  • Technology Consulting
  • Partnerships and Collaboration

We have worked closely with startup organizations and understand what it takes to move through each startup phase.  Along with our competitive and discounted prices geared towards the startup business, our skill set includes the knowledge, background and programming talent required to execute a concept well.

As a startup accelerator, we focus on accelerating your profit margins and funding opportunities by creating the product that you need to stand out among your competition.  We pride ourselves on staying up to date on current trends, design schemes, and staying ahead of competition.  We take the time to understand what you and your organization need to move from a great idea into a great business.

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